Return to Paragon City

The return to City of Heroes is Bittersweet.

The Killers - Be Still
Upload Date: June 18th, 2013
Videographer: someguy9111991[endtext]


Youssef Chatila said...

WOW. Is it still supposed to hurt everytime I see, hear, or think about COH. I really wish there could have been another way. Thank you for that video it reminds me that I am not alone when it comes to missing that alternate reality. COH lives on through us.

PeacebringerGenesis said...

Agreed. It's really sad for me to feel so terrible when I think of a video game.. but City of Heroes was 8 years of my childhood erased in a single day. I will never forget it, and thank all of you who made this game possible. Thank you for such a beautiful video that shows the greatness this game made every one of us feel. My feels man, my feels.

Khawaja Khurram said...

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