Make Love and War (Valentine's Day Teaser)

Woohoo, 12th video and counting!

It's always nice when I have a chance to film something big in the CITY OF HEROES/CITY OF VILLAINS game, and this time, it was the wedding of Sister Psyche and Manticore. And so I made a little trailer about it! (It's short, but hey, it's fun!)

Like my other videos, this one is tagged as Samuraiko Productions, for those who follow my work. Enjoy!

(If you like my stuff, swing by the SAMURAIKOPRODUCTIONS.COM website for more videos that YouTube doesn't control.)

Footage from CITY OF HEROES and CITY OF VILLAINS, used per general permission from NCSoft/Cryptic Studios. Music is "Canon in D" by Johann Pachelbel, and "Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic Calm. All rights reserved by their respective owners.
Upload Date: February 15, 2008
Videographer: Samuraiko Productions[endtext]


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