All the World's a Stage (Issue 14 Teaser)

2009 starts off with video #31! I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to make the teaser for Issue 14, "Architect." Of all the issues I've been around for (starting with Issue 10: Invasion), this was the one I REALLY want to sink my teeth into! And as usual, because this is a teaser, a) I didn't have access to Closed Beta at the time of making this, and b) even if I did, I couldn't violate the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The music for this one was much harder for me to decide on. I knew that I wanted a slightly different music feel for this one, as my previous ones have tended to be more 'symphonic'. But "All the World's a Stage" features a slightly harder rock sound underneath the orchestra, which I think nicely sets up the possibilities for all the story arcs that can be created with the Mission Architect of Issue 14.

Like my other videos, this one is tagged as Samuraiko Productions, for those who follow my work. Enjoy! (If you like my stuff, swing by the SAMURAIKOPRODUCTIONS.COM website for more videos that YouTube doesn't control.)

Footage from CITY OF HEROES and CITY OF VILLAINS, used per general permission from NCSoft/Cryptic Studios. Music is "Poetic Destruction" by Brand X Music. All rights reserved by their respective owners.

BTW... the titles you see scrolling by during the various text inserts are the story arcs I've already developed for Issue 14... mwahahahahaha!
Upload Date: February 07, 2009
Videographer: Samuraiko Productions[endtext]


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