No Limits (Issue 16 Trailer)

Seems that retirement is just not in my future... not as long as there are a handful of devoted fans who want me to continue. So, after four and a half months, I give you video #35 - my Issue 16 trailer titled "No Limits."

It was a tough call, deciding whether or not to come back to making trailers for CITY OF HEROES. I'd had my reasons for leaving, and they are still valid ones... but thanks to the efforts of several players on the COH forums, not to mention I-16 looking to be one of the coolest issues yet, I leapt headfirst back into moviemaking.

The music you hear in this video is a drastic change from my earlier selections, since this is the first time I've used techno trance in a video (of ANY kind). The song "Suneater" by This Morn' Omina (from their CD "Le Serpent Blanc") was certainly appropriate for the theme of I-16 so I contacted Ant-Zen about featuring This Morn' Omina's work in my video. And so, by special arrangement, I am able to bring their work to you.

(Incidentally, This Morn' Omina does SERIOUSLY awesome music - please support the band and visit their website at and their MySpace page at - just be careful about driving to their music, it's been known to cause serious speeding!)

Like my other videos, this one is tagged as Samuraiko Productions, for those who follow my work. Enjoy! (If you like my stuff, swing by the SAMURAIKOPRODUCTIONS.COM website for more videos that YouTube doesn't control.)

Footage from CITY OF HEROES and CITY OF VILLAINS, used per general permission from NCSoft/Cryptic Studios. Music is "Suneater" by This Morn' Omina, remixed by Michelle Travis. This Morn' Omina appears courtesy of Ant-Zen. All rights reserved by their respective owners.
Upload Date: September 17, 2009
Videographer: Samuraiko Productions[endtext]


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