Retrospective (6th Anniversary Commemorative Video)

Number 41 was six years in the making! To cap off Anniversary Week for CITY OF HEROES (which celebrated its sixth birthday by launching Issue 17: Dark Mirror), I offer for your viewing enjoyment "Retrospective," which takes you through six years, seventeen issues, and three releases of CITY OF HEROES!

To the best of my ability, I tried to keep things as appropriate to the timeline as I could. Human nature being what it is, though, you may occasionally see something that is 'anachronistic.' To that end, I claim the Rule of Cool (look it up on Also, little cameos and references abound in this video - see if you can spot them all!

Once again, Samuraiko Productions teams with BADADAM (follow him on MySpace at - great stuff!), with "Retrospective" featuring his track "M.S.T." Its rocking rhythm and hard edge perfectly suited the in-your-face action that is our favorite MMORPG. And after so many people enjoyed his music from my last video ("Mirror, Mirror" - the Issue 17 trailer), I just had to work with him again!

Like my other videos, this one is tagged as Samuraiko Productions, for those who follow my work. Enjoy!

Footage from CITY OF HEROES and CITY OF VILLAINS, used per general permission from Paragon Studios/NCSoft. Music is "M.S.T." by BADADAM, licensed for use (BADADAM's AudioJungle portfolio located at - visit his page for more details). All rights reserved by their respective owners.
Upload Date: April 30, 2010
Videographer: Samuraiko Productions[endtext]


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