This is a crowd of 3700 heroes that gathered on various servers in protest of the closure of City of Heroes. This is a composite shot: we flew through over 50 instances of Atlas Park on various servers recording the heroes, then put them ALL together in a single shot. There are no cheats involved; every hero in here is a hero that logged in to City of Heroes for the Unity Rally. At the very front of the crowd, I included the signature characters for the City of Heroes developers and Community Managers. Most of them haven't worked in the game for years, but their contributions helped shape the game, and every single one of them deserve to be here. Even Fusionette!
Upload Date: September 11th, 2012
Videographer: Leandro[endtext]


Nemo Proprian said...

This was a tremendous tribute to CoH. Thank you for this. I don't know where else to ask you this. Can you port the Rooster Teeth commercials that were made? I think of them as a fond memory of CoH as well.

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