Oblivion's Edge (A SaveCoH video)

Heavily inspired by and written for the SaveCoH movement, this project was made to be a quasi-response to NCsoft's "Thanks, but we're killing it anyway" statement from Oct 2. It follows the story of one Hero's journey as he faces his first real defeat and the frightening possibility of futility that it reveals to him. It also parallels the IRL CoH situation in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways, so a quick warning: if you're watching this, and haven't been keeping up with the SaveCoH story, some little elements in the video may confuse you. I originally had hoped that this would be released in time for the last DoubleXP weekend, but October had one too many surprises to toss my way. This was also done because it was possibly my only opportunity to do a fully-scripted short film using CoH Machinima, which sadly I had only just discovered the vast potential of while making the SaveCoH Unity Rally motivational video.
Upload Date: November 8, 2012
Videographer: JakinIrali[endtext]


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