Seraphym ~ "Requiem for a Dream"

Shortly after the release of my Unity Rally video, I was pleasantly surprised when I was given the honor of making a tribute video for Mercedes Lackey's character, Seraphym.

The lives of many City of Heroes characters after the shutdown announcement, mirrored how the players felt about it. We all knew a catastrophic end was coming; one that we couldn't avert. In the world of CoH, the supernatural (psychics, seers, deities, etc) gave a preemptive warning to its inhabitants. Knowing the end is near, Seraphym 'revisits' the city that has been her home, while ruminating on her struggles and triumphs as a Hero.

The song chosen by Mercedes, "Respect the Wind" by Eddie & Alex Van Halen, sets the theme for the video. Variations in the music during the final minute provided an opportunity to bring the Rikti (no doubt also panicking about "Doomsday") into the story for a climatic finish. At the end, she is joined by her other half, John Murdock, and they rush into the battle against the Rikti, in what would likely be their final hour.


Trivial bytes:

- The motion data used for Sera and John flying off the rooftop, was demorecorded on the final night.

- This video contains multiple 'Easter Eggs'. Can you find them?


We all had stories in CoH that we never got to finish in-game. But that didn't mean that the stories were over. CoH continues in drawings, fanfiction, videos, and music. Though the servers are gone, City of Heroes lives on.
Upload Date: January 27th, 2013
Videographer: JakinIrali[endtext]


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