Lord Recluse's Nightmare

Statesman: "Greetings, heroes. Are you willing to face the wrath of Lord Recluse and his minions to perform a vital duty? Be warned though, while this mission is necessary, it's extremely dangerous."

Team Lead: "If it's gotta be done, we'll do it, States."

Statesman: "Good." *Hands Team Lead a DVD* "Your orders are to take this disc to Grandville. There, you're to hack into the PA system and display its contents for all to see."

Team Lead: "Wow... this really will be tough. What's on it? Details of Recluse's crimes? A UN ultimatum?"

Statesman: "Hell no. We're gonna Rickroll that dick. He stills owes me $20."

(Dialog above by Rush Bolt)


I thought about entering this into the City of Commercials contest, but it's kind of lame. Still, with all the rickrolling going around in the boards, who else can say they've rickrolled Lord Recluse himself? Top that, noobs.
Upload Date: March 18, 2008
Videographer: Leandro[endtext]


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