Choices (Issue 13 Teaser)

And here comes number twenty-two! Still following tradition, it was time to do a teaser trailer for Issue 13, "Power and Responsibility." I thought long and hard about how to convey the "emotional" side of the issue, since a) I didn't have access to Closed Beta at the time, and b) even if I did, I couldn't violate the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Much to my delight, the developers invited me to 'preview' my teaser at the Bay Area NCSoft Meet & Greet, aka HeroCon 2008! (And I was a presenter, too! Did two workshops on how to make videos!) And so, to a packed ballroom that was transformed into Pocket D for one night, "Choices" made its public debut! (And thank God, people really seemed to like it!)

Although I'd used the music once before (in my "Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani" trailer), I just couldn't resist once again turning to Brand X Music's awesome piece "Captivate". And once again, you can hear my husband John doing voiceover work (previously heard as Lord Recluse in "Incarnate").

Like my other videos, this one is tagged as Samuraiko Productions, for those who follow my work. Enjoy! (If you like my stuff, swing by the SAMURAIKOPRODUCTIONS.COM website for more videos that YouTube doesn't control.)

Footage from CITY OF HEROES and CITY OF VILLAINS, used per general permission from NCSoft/Cryptic Studios. Music is "Captivate" by Brand X Music. All rights reserved by their respective owners.
Upload Date: October 21, 2008
Videographer: Samuraiko Productions[endtext]


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